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Wisdom School System a unique and leading scholastic place has always been striving for educational renaissance. The Wisdom School System has a long standing tradition of providing students with a superior education in a safe, supportive and caring environment where they acquire the knowledge, skills and confidence to succeed. The school was founded back in 2009 under supervision of Mr. Makhdoom M. Bakhsh with the aim to create a community of empowered learners in an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust. Every student will be inspired and challenged to learn, grow, and accomplish academic, social and vocational goals.

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The school allocates Personal Lockers to all learners, where they may store their personal stuff. These personal lockers are placed in every class.


The school offers the computer room where the students can go any time and use the system with the available facility of wi-fi.


The school has its own fully established mineral water plant within a campus and a dispenser in every floor.


Our Science Laboratories are fully equipped to meet student requirements for coursework. We offer these laboratories, where students conduct practical experiments in line with their coursework.


The school has established an outdoor play area for the Montessori learners where they can go under their HRT supervision to enjoy themselves


Our school offers the multimedia facility in each classroom. Our school offer LED screens in Montessori section in each class so the learners could learn from the videos as well.

Director’s Message

Makhdoom Muhammad Bakhsh

Pakistan is fortunate to have a population whose majority comprises a progressive youth with a lot of potential. It’s high time we realise this fact and capitalise on it by educating them so that they take charge of their own destiny and make use of the skills and expertise acquired in school. Wisdom School System has been around for more than three decades providing quality education across Pakistan through immaculate curriculum planning and the continuous professional development of its staff. Technological development has been at its fastest pace for the last two decades and our children have the ability to match this pace of growth, provided we equip them with the knowledge and skill to use this to their advantage. Wisdom School System is a groundbreaking initiative to empower our next generation with the knowledge and comprehension of technology and the benefits thereto. We endeavour to make standardised quality education accessible to all and plan to achieve this dream through The Smart School network all across Pakistan and beyond. We expect investors in Pakistan to come forward to utilise this great investment opportunity and benefit from the experience of Wisdom School System.


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